August 18, 2020 crrc

Eurasia Partnership Foundation/Caucasus Research Resource Center Azerbaijan (EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan)
Junior Fellowships Program 2020-2021


EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan is glad to announce its Junior Fellowship Program 2020-2021. The fellowship program will include in total 5 fellows, selected on competitive basis, for a 6-month period starting from October 2020. Three out of five fellows will be local senior students, recent graduates or 1st year master students, while two fellowship positions will be announced for foreign students studying at local universities. The fellows will attend an intensive training on Academic Writing, Qualitative Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, and Data Visualization during weekends on October and November. In order to assess the learning objectives of the training, the quizzes after each training will be conducted. The fellows will write an analytical essay during the second and third month of their fellowship program. The rest three months will be dedicated on the working their research papers. The online webinars by professionals and experts will be also conducted during the program. The working language of the fellowship program will be English.

Fellows will work on one of the following areas:

-Politics, power, and democracy;
-Culture, values, and identity;
-Economic development, energy, and mobility;
-Conflicts, displacement, and reconciliation;
-Urban development and environmental issues;
-Civil society and activism.

Furthermore, junior fellows will support EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan in daily work of program activities on the basis of 80 hours. Due to Co-Vid 19 pandemic, the Junior Fellowship Program 2020-2021 will be conducted online regime.
A supervisor from a local university, think-tank or NGO will be assigned for each fellow for research and analytical essay, whereas EPF/CRRC Program Manager will supervise on delivery of daily-work of program activities.

Eligibility requirements:

-Applicants must have a strong interest in the social sciences;
-Have to be senior student or recent graduate, or 1st year master student;
-Above mid-level academic performance, certified with a transcript of grades officially provided (signed and stamped) by university;
-Have strong analytical and reporting skills;
-Possess upper-intermediate level of English (certificates proving knowledge of English are desirable);
-Have very good general computer skills;
-Have well-developed communication, teamwork and organizational skills;
-Take initiative and work independently with little supervision.

Roles and Responsibilities of Fellows:

-Provide research and analysis products in high quality as set in the fellowship objectives;
-Support daily-work of programs of EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan, in particular organization of events;
-Work closely with the assigned supervisor to meet necessary standard;
-Report to Program Manager on progress of fellowship on monthly basis;
-Consult his or her independent initiatives on research and analysis with Program Manager.

A supervisor will be assigned to each fellow during the fellowship period. The supervisors will provide students with guidance on:

-The nature of research or policy analysis and standard expected;
-The planning and design of the research or analytical work;
-Literature and sources;
-Required research techniques and methodologies
-Academic honesty and drawing attention to relevant regulations, including those relating to plagiarism.

In addition to this, the supervisors will be responsible for:

-Monitoring the progress of fellow’s research through regular supervisory online meetings and ensuring that fellow keeps an agreed record of these meetings;
-Being accessible at mutually convenient times when fellow may need advice;
-Requesting draft or preliminary written and other work as appropriate and returning such work with constructive criticism and within a reasonable time;
-Reading and commenting on the whole of the final draft of research, analysis and analytical products produced by fellow, provided that this is presented within a reasonable and agreed timeframe;
-Notifying Program Manager of EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan if they have concerns about the quality of work or any other issue.


Both fellows and supervisors will report monthly on the work done and fellowship objectives set in the beginning. Report templates will be provided by EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan.


Honorarium in the amount of 300 AZN will be paid on monthly basis to fellows. Similarly, supervisors will be paid with honorarium. Based on the monthly reports, fellows will be provided with a recommendation letter in the end of the period along with a certificate approving the successful completion of the fellowship program. Successfully written research papers will be presented by the fellows in CRRC Annual Methodology Conference.

Copy Rights of Products:

EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan will keeep its authorship right over all the products produced by fellows with the request of EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan during the fellowship period. This also applies to analytical and research products produced by fellows with the request of CRRC/EPF Azerbaijan but have not been published during the fellowship period.

Expelling from the Fellowship Program:

EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan reserves a right to expel a fellow from the fellowship program in case of one of the following issues will be occurred:
-Absence in training;
-Discrimination toward other fellows based on the sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, political view or nationality.

Call for Application:

The applicants are obliged to submit the full application form by September 27, 2020. The application form also includes motivation letter, CV/resume, and transcript as an attachment.

The link to application: https://forms.gle/fJsbYAnuwXSqqkEw7

Applications will be assessed in two phases. In the first phase, the applications will be shortlisted. Those shortlisted will be interviewed by the end of September. Applicants successfully passing through both phases will be invited to attend online orientation meeting on October 2020. Through orientation meetings, fellowship objectives as well as schedules of work will be identified with each selected applicant and will constitute the basis of work for fellows.

In case of inquiries or concerns, please, email to info@epfound.az address.