Elsun Nabatov

Elsun Nabatov is 20 years old and currently a final year undergraduate student at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, majoring in World Economy. He currently works as a reporting analyst in Business Development Department at ATL Tech.

Although he has experience in marketing in previous years, he has focused on data and business analytics. He plans to advance to a master’s degree in this field and build his career in this direction. Data is the most valuable asset of the 21st century, and «the great hack» movie is a clear example of this claim.

His says his interest in research may sound a little strange, but it comes from econometrics. His teacher (Khatai Alıyev) gave an econometrics lesson and assigned them to take any topic as an assignment and conduct economic research. After developing their research, they decided to publish it in a foreign journal, and their article was published in 2020 in the Romanian Academic Journal of Economic Studies. Following this, he professionally interested in writing and publishing a research paper and joined the Junior Fellowship program.