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What is the Caucasus Barometer?

Uniquely independent source of data on the South Caucasus region


The cornerstone of CRRC's work has been Caucasus Barometer - a large scale survey (in total, approximately 6,000 respondents in all three South Caucasus countries in 2013. 2,000 respondents per country) on social and political issues. It has been carried out since 2008, based on a uniform design and methodology.


The Caucasus Barometer has since emerged as the only independent, reliable and continuing source of data for researchers and policy makers in an environment dominated by official statistics. Only the Azerbaijani dataset from 2008 to 2013 features 226 questions including those identifying respondents belonging to different social categories such as sex, age, area of settlement, income, education level. This  creates opportunities for studying different social and political trends within these social groups.The range of questions extends from private issues such as smoking, going to restaurants, health, as well as social issues such as volunteering, donating, attending public events, and political issues such as trust in the president and other political institutions, fairness of elections, etc.


How we collect the data


The surveys are conducted using the face-to-face method and responses are recorded in the field using tablets, which are immediately reflected in the central database.The collection of accurate empirical data is a critically important foundation for social research. In the South Caucasus, however, reliable, up-to-date and accessible data on social, political and economic issues are often in short supply. The CRRC's priority is to provide and maintain access to reliable data, focusing on a wide range of demographic, social, economic and political variables related to the South Caucasus.


Access the data using Online Data Analysis (ODA)




Unlike many other surveys and studies on the region, the data generated is public and can be easily accessed and analysed using our Online Data Analysis (ODA) tool. The ODA allows you to carry out simple statistical analysis with minimal  knowledge of research or statistics, and allows you to do the following:


  • Cross-country analysis between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, allowing you to build up  a full picture of the South Caucasus on various social indicators.


  • Time-series analysis can also be carried out on single variable for each country, covering the period from 2008 to 2013.


  • Analyse the relationship between two variables within each country dataset. 


Unfortunately EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan has not been able to conduct Caucasus Barometer since 2013. There has been a strategic decision to shift to conducting Caucasus Barometer biannually - given that  the trends observed on the issues studied in this survey tend to change over long periods. In this light, we will also be introducing new rapid reaction and other forms of survey in the near future.






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