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Explore the Data

The CRRC Georgia office has created a new and exciting Online Data Analysis (ODA) tool. The ODA enables users to easily access survey data and obtain data online without the use of a statistical program such as SPSS or STATA. ODA provides different opportunities for simple statistical analysis for even those who have no deep knowledge in research or statistics. Firstly, since it is based on the same design and methodology, it renders the possibility of cross-country analysis among Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia through which a full picture of the South Caucasus on certain issues can be created. Secondly, time-series analysis can also be carried out on single variable for each country covering the period from 2008 to 2013. Thirdly, the relationship between two variables can also be analyzed within each country dataset.


The ODA is extremely user-friendly. With one click you can choose a survey question of interest and receive both a figure and a frequency table. Charts can be exported and downloaded in accessible formats (pdf, jpeg, png, svg) and tables in Excel format.


The 2009 and 2010 Caucasus Barometer surveys in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are currently available, as well as the 2009 and 2011 Media surveys in Georgia. New CRRC datasets will be regularly added to the ODA.

Citing the Caucasus Barometer


Please use the following citation when citing data from the Caucasus Barometer:

Caucasus Research Resource Centers. (dataset year) "Caucasus Barometer". [dataset] Retrieved from on {date of accessing the database here}.



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