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Our Network

What is the Network of Researchers in the Social Sciences (NRSS)?


CRRC Azerbaijan established its Network of Researchers in the Social Sciences (NRSS) in early 2016, in order to 'join the dots' between researchers working on Azerbaijan-related issues both inside and outside the country. The goal is to boost the impact of their work and to promote and support rigorous and methodologically sound work done in the social sciences in Azerbaijan.

The contracting of researchers for CRRC program activities from within the network is done on a competitive basis. We use  the following principles as guidance:



  • Both full and associate members are selected via a public call for applications.


  • Terms of Reference (ToRs) will be announced along with deatils of the program activities. Full Network members will be welcome to apply.

  • Applicaitons for full membership will be re-opened periodically. The selection of new members will then be made  through the majority voting of existing members, who will assess whether they meet the eligibility criteria set by EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan. The selection of Associate Members, however, is the sole responsibility of EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan. 



Full Network Members are a group of researchers individually selected to participate in our program activities by carrying out research, trainings or participating in public discussions and program decisions.


Associate Members  are interested researchers based outside Azerbaijan (both Azerbaijani and non-Azerbaijani citizens) with a strong research interest in Azerbaijan. They also have the opportunity to get involved in Network activities, and receive newsletters updating on CRRC activities. Associate members also have a role in the guidance of the projects conducted by EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan. They have external views on the review of methodology and sampling in the process of projects. 


Current Members

Afiz Aliyev

PhD Candidate, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany (Political Science)


Dr. Alexander Cheryomukhin

International fellow and consultant, International Russian Studies Center, VIRTIS (Veteran, Immigrant and Refugee Trauma Institute of Sacramento), California, USA (Social Work & Social Policy)

Dr. Anar Valiyev

Dean of Public and International Affairs, ADA University, (Urban and Public Affairs)

Ariz Huseynov

Lecturer, Baku State University, Khazar University, (International Relations)

Mr. Azad Garibov

Research Fellow for Center for Strategic Studies (SAM)


Bakhtiyar Aslanov

Lecturer & PhD Candidate, Khazar University, (Political Science)

Elsevar Mammadov

Lecturer & PhD Candidate, Khazar University, (Political Science)

Elvin Yusifli

Lecturer & PhD Candidate, Khazar University, (Political Science)

Dr. Farid Guliyev

Lecturer, Qafqaz University, (Political Science)

Fuad Jafarli

Independent Researcher, (Urban development)

Dr. Gulchora Aliyeva

Adjunct Assistant Professor, ADA University (Environmental Engineering)

Dr. Jeyhun Mahmudlu

Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Qafqaz University


Kanan Aslanli

Guest Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences BFI, Vienna, Austria (Economy and Public Finance)


Khayyam Namazov

Independent Researcher


Dr. Lala Ganiyeva

Lecturer, Khazar University, (Public Policy/Education)

Mahammad Muradov

Lecturer & PhD Candidate, Khazar University, (Political Science)

Dr. Mukhtar Hajizade


Head of Department of Political Science and International Relations, Khazar University (European Politics)


Orkhan Ali

Adjunct Professor, ADA University, (Governance)


Rashad Shirin 

PhD Candidate, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands, (Political Science)


Rufat Efendiyev

Assoc. Professor, Head of International Relations Department, Institute of Economics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS)


Dr. Sevinj Mammadova 

Lecturer, Sabah Group, Baku State University, (Energy Politics)


Tamerlan Rajabov

Consultant, UNICEF Azerbaijan, (Social Work & Social Policy)

Dr. Turkhan Sadigov

Lecturer, ADA University (Political Science)


Yuliya Aliyeva

Independent Consultant (Former EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan Program Director)


Mr. Zaur Shiriyev

Senior Research Fellow for the Caspian Energy Center at ADA University

Mr. Sahib Jafarov

Leading Research Fellow for Center for Strategic Studies (SAM)





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