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About our Fellowships

Our Junior Research Fellowship Program (JRFP) aims to develop the policy research and analytical capabilities of local and international researchers, while simultaneously developing an effective approach to research. All capacity‐building activities and policy research will focus on topics within the social policy domain.


In April 2016, the third wave of the fellowship program was launched. Based on the lessons learned from the previous waves, the design of the fellowship program has been upgraded. Currently, in total 5 fellows, including 2 international students are enrolling in a 6-month long fellowship. Within this program, they commit 400 office hours to support the day-to-day running of the programs of EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan. In the start of the program, all fellows received a 3 day long introductory and then, a 3-day long advanced training in research methodology and design. In addition, they are producing monthly analytical articles for CRRC Azerbaijan's website, and each is working on one large-scale research project.

Guidance for the implementation of daily activities is provided by EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan Program Director, while an independent supervisor was recruited for a 6 month period from within the Network of Researchers for academic supervision. Fellows are also able to present their work to the members of the Network of Researchers in the Work in Progress discussions.


EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan has more than 10 years long fellowship program, offered to initially senior researchers and then, junior researchers. From 2005 to 2010, EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan run Senior Fellowship Program from which in total, 30 people graduated among whom some are currently well-known researchers in the country as well as members of the current Network of Researchers.  Starting from 2011, EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan launched Junior Research Fellowship Program from which in total, 30 young people graduated in the first wave in 2011  and the second wave 2013 .


Interested researchers should keep track of our Facebook page and News and Events pages for announcements of future Fellowship opportunities.



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