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Murad Nasibov

CRRC Azerbaijan Country Program Director 

Mr. Nasibov holds a bachelor degree in International Relations from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and a master degree in Political Science – European Politics and Policy-Making from the University of Manchester. He has more than 5 years experience in research and civil society in Azerbaijan, and was part of several research and evaluation projects. His areas of academic interest cover EU external governance, Europeanization, International Relations and Civil Society. In project management, he is specializing in project and designing, organizational strategy development and evaluation. For a short period, he taught Contemporary International Relations and Geopolitics at the Odlar Yurdu University and Foundations of Security Studies and Ethnopsychology at the Khazar University at different times. Mr. Nasibov attended many international academic and policy-focused conferences, presenting on his areas of specialization.


Elchin Karimov

CRRC Azerbaijan Junior Fellow

After graduating his BA degree in English Translation at Khazar University in Baku, Elchin was involved in civic activism in Azerbaijan. In early 2016 he obtained his Master's degree in International Relations: Europe from Visegrad Perspective, a joint degree by four universities in Central Europe. 

Elchin's research project at CRRC Azerbaijan focuses on growing militaristic attitudes in Azerbaijani society, especially among civil society groups, following the escalation of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in April 2016.


Gunel Babayeva

CRRC Azerbaijan Junior Fellow

Gunel was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. She  has a bachelor degree from Azerbaijan University of Languages . Following her bachelor study, Gunel completed her master’s degree in Education at University of Sheffield. She was awarded with State Program on study of Azerbaijani youth in abroad for 2007-2015 for her master's education. Her main research interest is inclusive education – education of people with disabilities. During her education, Gunel explored the conceptualization of disability and deficiencies of special education in Azerbaijani social policy. As an independent researcher, she attended `Education Policy and Research Forum` held by School of Education of ADA University and the US–Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA) with support from the Ministry of Education and British American Tobacco. 

Currently, Gunel's research project within the CRRC fellowship is civic engagement of young people in higher educational institutions. She intends to explore the effective mechanisms for promoting active involvement of young people in Azerbaijani educational institutions. The project attempts to highlight the invaluable role of youth in the development of society through staying civically engaged.


Ilaha Abasli

CRRC Azerbaijan Junior Fellow

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Ilaha holds an MSc degree from King’s College London in International Development and Emerging Economies. During her studies she became more interested in the policy-making for development and different socio-economic development models in the emerging and middle-income countries. Her previous experience includes working as a pro-bono consultant in London and intern for UNDP and the Center for Strategic Studies based in Baku.

Currently, Ilaha's research project within the CRRC fellowship attempts to analyze the effectiveness of state-led development model (developmental state) in Azerbaijan during the last 20 years based on existing agreement on the definite possibility of state-led development in small countries with limited resources and economic scale. Her research focuses on finding out the major drawbacks and develops certain implications on how to move forward on building more effective developmental state in Azerbaijan.


Lucy Wallwork

CRRC Azerbaijan Junior Fellow

Originally from the United Kingdom and a graduate of Russian and Spanish Languages and Cultures from Durham University, Lucy is currently a Topchibashev International Fellow on the Master in Public Policy program at Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA). Her recent research focuses on gender politics and shifting cultural attitudes in Azerbaijan and the wider region. Prior to this, in her early career her focus was on open data, the governance of oil revenues and ‘resource curse’ issues, as well as in political risk analysis of the CIS region.

Lucy’s research project for CRRC Azerbaijan will focus on the interplay between economic growth and gender norms in the post-Soviet region, and will attempt to use available empirical data and indexes to 'zoom in' on which factors can contribute to greater empowerment of women in the unique post-Soviet institutional context.


Omar Jallow

CRRC Azerbaijan Junior Fellow

Originally from The Gambia, Omar holds a BSc Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of The Gambia. Due to his quest for knowledge and career advancement, he moved to Azerbaijan in August 2015, to pursue MA in Public Policy at the ADA University. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, he served as an Economics teacher at senior secondary level in The Gambia for three (3) years and subsequently worked as a consultant with Pristine Consulting Firm the Gambia. Omar’s research interest focuses on the practice of Good Governance in Azerbaijan with emphasize on the Impact of oil rent on corruption in Azerbaijan.



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