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CRRC Azerbaijan is calling for abstracts on public policy issues

July 27, 2016 Print Share on Facebook



Study Series on Public Policy

Within the framework of its project "Making the Case for Research in Social Sciences in Azerbaijan", CRRC Azerbaijan is announcing call for abstracts on identified public policy issues. Considering the importance of the voice of social science researchers in the policy process, we seek to use the call for paper to attract best policy and allied research in Azerbaijan. Papers should address those development challenges in public and social policy which have a significant impact on the daily lives of citizens.

This call hopes to follow principles of community ownership of research, and empowerment for those researchers selected. The publications will be grouped into first and second batches, comprising eight and seven papers respectively. For each batch, research abstracts will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Content
  • Methodological rigour

In addition, thorough peer review process to ensure that ethics in the field of research are followed and in line with the call’s objectives will be undertaken. Research findings from the final papers will be disseminated in various ways including conference presentations, agency workshops, newsletters, and journal articles.


Target areas for publications include:


  • Social Security and Security Policy
  • Education policy
  • Public Budget Process
  • Urban studies
  • E-Governance and Provision of public services
  • Energy/Environment/Pollution Prevention Policy and/or Regulation
  • Policy/Regulation Developments in areas of cooperation between the EU and Azerbaijan
  • Role of Civil Society in the Public Policy Process in Azerbaijan



Specific objectives of the research project include:


  • Advancement of understanding in Public Policy process through research;
  • Exploring development challenges in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region at large; 
  • Making policy recommendations for improved service delivery and policy-making;
  • Enhancing the availability of data for well-informed, evidence-based policy making;
  • Identification of future research questions.




The selected candidates will be required to stick to the following milestones:



Time period


Paper outline

2nd week


Report on Progess

6th week


Presentation of initial draft to the Network

8th week


Submission for Peer Review

10th week


Submission of final paper

12th week


Following the submission, all final papers will be sent to publishing.


Honorarium and Payment Method

EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan will pay an honorarium of 500 AZN in total on successful completion of the research paper. This amount includes taxes and social security payments. Payments will be made via bank transfer to (preferably) a-TIN affiliated bank account of the researchers. For this, the researchers must have a TIN account and a TIN affiliated bank account.


Deadline for Submissions

Interested researchers are invited to submit an abstract of their proposed topic along with their CV by 18.00,  10 August, 2016 to, indicate "SSPP" in the subject line of your email.





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