Nijat Guliyev

Nijat Guliyev is a recent junior research fellow at EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan with almost 3 years of experience working alongside different local and international organizations that are fighting for social injustice and the development of a sustainable and democratic society. Nijat graduated from the Baku Engineering University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. In 2018 he was the local finalist of the Global UGRAD Educational and Cultural Exchange Program and got a chance to visit The United States of America to study for one academic semester at West Virginia State University (WVU). While studying at WVU he took classes like Environmental Science and Social Problems.

Although he studied engineering, Nijat has a big interest in social issues of today such as climate justice, food insecurity, gender equality and sustainability. During his studies and after graduation working tight with local and international “green” communities at organizations like “Youth and Environment” Europe, Slow Food, oikos Baku and Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe gave him a chance to form a Green vision to strive for a world in which human rights are upheld, the genders are truly equal, and the environment is protected. Nijat believes that the well-being of people and the flourishing of the environment are closely linked and that one cannot defend the interests of one while forgetting the other.

Nijat considers that livestock farming has a vast environmental footprint and agriculture contributes a big number of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. And he also thinks that the application of the “Sustainable Agriculture” model can bring significant relief to the environmental problems. In his research he wants to examine the possibilities of the application of the above-mentioned model in local context.