Caucasus Barometer >>

The cornerstone of CRRC’s work has been Caucasus Barometer – a large-scale survey (in total, approximately 6,000 respondents in all three South Caucasus countries in 2013. 2,000 respondents per country) on social and political issues. It has been carried out since 2008 based on a uniform design and methodology. The Caucasus Barometer has since emerged as the only independent, reliable, and continuing source of data for researchers and policymakers in an environment dominated by official statistics. Only the Azerbaijani dataset from 2008 to 2013 features 226 questions including those identifying respondents belonging to different social categories such as sex, age, the area of settlement, income, and education level.

Past Projects >>

The CRRC’s priority is to provide and maintain access to reliable data, focusing on a wide range of demographic, social, economic and political variables related to the South Caucasus. In addition to Caucasus Barometer, CRRC Azerbaijan has facilitated implementation of 11 surveys, project evaluations, and studies on a wide range of topics including media, migration, attitudes towards the EU, political attitudes, and social cohesion among others.

Fellowships >>

EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan has more than 10 years long fellowship program, offered to initially senior researchers and then, junior researchers. From 2005 to 2010, EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan run Senior Fellowship Program from which in total, 30 people graduated among whom some are currently well-known researchers in the country as well as members of the current Network of Researchers.  Starting from 2011, EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan launched Junior Research Fellowship Program. In April 2016, the third wave of the fellowship program was conducted. The fellowship program focused on nurturing a new generation of researchers in social science.