EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan sponsors and publishes original research papers and other publications for policymakers, for academicians, and for public.  The publications supported by EPF/CRRC Azerbaijan are committed to the mission of promoting social science research and data driven decision making.  Explore our publications below.

Social Studies on Public Policy Issues

CRRC Azerbaijan recently released a Study Series on Public Policy, the first publication of its kind in Azerbaijan. An open access publication, it is aimed at empowering social science researchers in the policy-making process. Despite the rise of social scientific expertise in the last two decades, there has often been a gap between the high-quality research and its implementation in Azerbaijan. The current publication aims to bridge this gap by promoting collaboration between researchers and policy makers in Azerbaijan.

The mission of Study Series in Public Policy is to provide an alternative view in addressing current challenges and developments in Azerbaijan. It also highlights the importance of the engagement of the social science community, civil society organizations, private entities, and public agencies to find sound solutions to key challenges together.

The fifteen papers included in the current volume were carefully selected based on their methodological rigor and relevance of their topics. They address a wide range of issues in several key areas of social and public policy, including education, energy and environment, development and economy, gender and employment, and conflict resolution. In fact, diversity could be identified as the main theme of the volume. In addition to different topics, the papers employ different approaches (top-down and bottom-up); different levels of analysis, from macro-level state policies to micro-level case studies, and different methodologies, including case-studies, document analysis, surveys, and interviews. Yet, they are united by a combination of rigorous empirical research and strong policy orientation.

Study Series on Public Policy Issues.pdf 

Academic Writing Manual

The major goal of the project was to increase academic writing standards in the Azerbaijani Universities and assist students in writing coherent, argumentative papers in line with the academic integrity standards. We hope that both teaching staff and students will find this manual useful in their work and studies. At the same time we understand this manual is just a first experience in manuals production of our center and is not an ideal. In this regard we would like to encourage you to share with us your comments and suggestions on how to improve it in future.

The manual was prepared in consultations with the faculty members of the Khazar University and Azerbaijan University of Languages. The publication of this manual was made possible with the support of the Small Grants Program of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Academic Writing Manual.pdf