CRRC has over 10 years experience providing researchers, government, donors, NGOs and the private sector with data and analysis of critical trends and expectations in Azerbaijan and across the region. CRRC provides research, analysis, and training using tested methodologies, which allow accurate comparisons between sectors, populations, and countries. CRRC’s public databases give everyone the opportunity to understand and evaluate the social and political trends in both Azerbaijan and the entire South Caucasus. CRRC provides services and conducts activities aimed to:

  • Increase the access to high-quality up-to-date resources for academics and practitioners to carry out professional research in their home countries. Explore Research and Evaluation
  • Strengthen the capacity of local social science researchers, academics and policy practitioners. Check out Workshops and Training
  • Increase incentives and opportunities for collaboration among academics, researchers, and practitioners to promote public policy analysis and formulation. Discover Publications and Conferences