Data Journalism Course in Baku

Data Journalism Course in Baku
July 9, 2019 crrc

From May 4 to 23 July, new Data Journalism course was held in Baku for students and new graduates from journalism department. The workshops were organized by the DataHub LLC with technical support of Eurasia Partnership Foundation/CRRC-Azerbaijan and funded by the US Embassy in Baku. The training sessions were held on the weekends and lasted 7 weeks.

Data journalism is not a new concept any more. Established media outlets often have a dedicated data team, and professional journalists use data on a daily basis to tell better supported stories to their audiences. In order to promote data literacy among the Azerbaijan’s mass media practitioners, the Data Journalism Course covered such topics as: the role of data in the newsroom, the skills necessary for data journalists, ways to find and clean relevant data, approaches to analyzing data to identify compelling stories, and clear presentation of data.

The Course was led by international and local experts that provided participants with an overview of best international practices and equipped them with practical skills to successfully use data in their journalistic work.

Participants prepared their capstone projects and demonstrated their new knowledge and skills they obtained from Data Journalism course.