Project Overview

Independent and Unique Data Source

The Caucasus Barometer is a large-scale research on social and political issues (approximately 6,000 respondents in three South Caucasus countries in 2013 and 2,000 respondents in each country). Since 2008, it has been based on a single design and methodology. The Caucasus Barometer has emerged as the only independent, reliable, and sustainable source of data for surveyors and policymakers who have dominated official statistics. From 2008 to 2013, Azerbaijan’s dataset consists of 226 questions that identify respondents of different social categories, such as sex, age, place of residence, income, and education. This creates opportunities for social groups to explore different social and political trends.

How We Collect Our Data

Surveys are conducted face-to-face and are used to record responses using tablets that instantly reflect the central database. Collecting the right experimental data is an essential foundation for social studies. However, reliable and accessible data on social, political and economic issues in the South Caucasus are not sufficiently provided. The CRRC’s main goal is to provide and maintain reliable data accessible on a wide range of demographic, social, economic and political issues related to the South Caucasus. Unlike many other surveys and surveys in the region, the data generated is publicly available and can be easily used and analyzed through Online Data Analysis (ODA). ROA allows you to conduct a simple statistical analysis with the minimum knowledge of research or statistics and cross-country analysis, which provides a complete picture of the South Caucasus’s various social indicators. Time series analysis for a number of variables can also be performed periods between 2008 and 2013.